We’re Chi Lambda Mu, MIT’s only co-ed sorority!

Although we’ve been a living group since 1968, ΧΛΜ decided to affiliate with its intranational organization in 2014, quickly deciding to go co-ed later that year. ΧΛΜ has been historically friendly to everyone, no matter which gender they identify with.

Chi Lambda Mu has always had a history of excellence both socially and academically, winning several awards in gaming, computer science and mathematics. Known as “the social and entertainment nexus”, Chi Lambda Mu subscribes to high standards of leadership, sisterhood, and spiritual unity.


  • 2017 - Jeopardy College Championship winner
  • 2013-2018 - Two nationally ranked League of Legends teams
  • 2013-present - Several internationally recognized Tichu players
  • 2014 - Two Top 25 contestants in the William Lowell Putnam Mathematical Competition
  • 2014 - Most kills made by a single person in Live-Action Mafia
  • 2014 - Winner of the Sprint Round of Battlecode, two teams in the Top 16 teams of Battlecode
  • 2013 - Complete International Olympiad in Informatics team
  • 2006 - 6.005 Award for Best Software Design