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Luke Shimanuki

On a mission to play through every main series Fire Emblem game to completion, Luke has reached his most formidable foe yet behind the Three Houses.

Malvika Joshi

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Hantoa Tenwhij

A man of unknown origins but one proud to find a home in Chi Lambda Mu. Known by fans as the infamous Protean of Knowledge, he is a master improviser at every skill and art. It is itself an art in justice. Find him deep-frying plantains or shooting aliens in Metroid Prime or even eating popcorn to classic 70s thrillers. He is always there for a sister in need.

Daniel Bausher-Belton

A native of the sunshine state originally. Now, however, he lives within the sorority. Daniel is a sophomore. He is currently 6-3. Internally he is referred to as "dbausher". Spends a lot of time being a legend and playing with dragons and phoenii. Nationally ranked procrastinator. Always ready to help! Mail him @dbausher, in case you didnt pick up on that. Ever available and happy to meet new pledges! (IS JOHN CENA)

Ian Clester

Ian (also known as "ijc", "Mr. Clandowski", and "that kid") is a truly singular individual. Having journeyed Northwards from the blazing heat of The South (specifically, the georgraphical center of the Worst State), he now resides within the blazing halls of Chi Lambda Mu. He was once accused of secretly being a robot, but contemporary theorists promote the hypothesis that he may instead be some variety of magical creature, heretofore undocumented (a veritable "Magic Ian"). He's okay to talk to, probably. If that's something you'd want to do.

Lane Gunderman

Lane Gunderman has been a member of Chi Lambda Mu since coming to MIT, moving into the house his first day after coming to MIT. In order to make punting his physics and chemistry work more enjoyable, he typically spends 2 hours a day playing card games and many more hours derping around by talking with sisters and listening to music. Lane is a 'member' of more clubs than should be listed in a bio, so it's best to assume he's a part of that club too. Lane acts as the sorority's mother, providing an open ear and heart.

Ryuga Hatano

A man of few words.

Rev. Cannon Vogel

An ordained minister and thereminist, Cannon enjoys time traveling (forward only) and impersonating Nicholas Cage. Available for wedding planning engagements as well as professional cuddling services, Cannon is currently a physics student working on the Dark MatterTM.
*insert shameless quidditch team plug*

Lawrence Wu

Half man, half computer. Despite allegations that he only listens to Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg, Lawrence is actually into all things music, including the ancient art of disc jockeying on the airwaves from the basement of MIT's Walker Memorial. Anything else involving combos (video games, popping, combinatorics, algorithms, etc.) probably also interests him. For some reason, fellow sisters like to assimilate Lawrence's jargon. l4wr3nc3 run5 th15 s1t3 l0l