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Daniel Bausher-Belton

Bio: A native of the sunshine state originally. Now, however, he lives within the sorority. Daniel is a sophomore. He is currently 6-3. Internally he is referred to as "dbausher". Spends a lot of time being a legend and playing with dragons and phoenii. Nationally ranked procrastinator. Always ready to help! Mail him @dbausher, in case you didnt pick up on that. Ever available and happy to meet new pledges! (IS JOHN CENA)

Asya Bergal

Bio: Asya is conventionally known as the shortest member of Chi Lambda Mu, with a plethora of endearing nick names, such as "hobbit impersonator", "tall people's knee inspector", and "wtf asya why are you so short." In her spare time she enjoys playing Tichu and adding to Chi Lambda Mu's impressive collection of hanging-off-the-ceiling art. Member of ΧΛΜ for a year now.

Lilly Chin

Bio: Hails from the universally acknowledged "Worst. State. Ever", so being in Massachusetts is just a clear improvement. Although it's debatable whether or not she even lives at the sorority itself, she's usually held responsible for starting the impetus to turn Chi Lambda Mu into a social and co-ed sorority. Has a tendency to SPEAK IN ALL CAPS and conduct social shenanigans. In her spare time, she shoots down small clay frisbees with a shotgun. Currently proudly serving as Rush Chair and Social Floor for Chi Lambda Mu!

Ian Clester

Bio: Ian (also known as "ijc", "Mr. Clandowski", and "that kid") is a truly singular individual. Having journeyed Northwards from the blazing heat of The South (specifically, the georgraphical center of the Worst State), he now resides within the blazing halls of Chi Lambda Mu. He was once accused of secretly being a robot, but contemporary theorists promote the hypothesis that he may instead be some variety of magical creature, heretofore undocumented (a veritable "Magic Ian"). He's okay to talk to, probably. If that's something you'd want to do.

Samuel Duchovni

Sam Dukhovni is a crypto-anarchist and general cypherpunk currently in hiding from the NSA. In his spare time, he develops secure decentralized dating websites, watches surreal 90s anime, and rants about capitalism. He never taps his ID; in fact, he lost his ID and has no idea where it could possibly have gone. No, he doesn't remember his ID number.

Lane Gunderman

Bio: Lane Gunderman has been a member of Chi Lambda Mu since coming to MIT, moving into the house his first day after coming to MIT. In order to make punting his physics and chemistry work more enjoyable, he typically spends 2 hours a day playing card games and many more hours derping around by talking with sisters and listening to music. Lane is a 'member' of more clubs than should be listed in a bio, so it's best to assume he's a part of that club too. Lane acts as the sorority's mother, providing an open ear and heart.

Justine Jang

Bio: My name is Maximus Decimus Meridius, commander of the Armies of the North, General of the Felix Legions and loyal servant to the TRUE emperor, Marcus Aurelius. Father to a murdered son, husband to a murdered wife. And I will have my vengeance, in this life or the next.

Emma Lee

Bio: What happens when you throw a former sysadmin into radios? You get a 6-2. If it involves RF and computers, leee probably is doing something with it. While leee is a cruft currently transplanted in New York City for research, she paid her membership dues and therefore is a sister of Chi Lambda Mu, so we're probably required to list her here. leee can be pronounced using glottal stops like so: /liʔiʔiʔiʔiː/.

Eric Lujan

Bio: He can lead a horse to water... and make it serve him a drink. He stares into the abyss... and it winks back. He doesn't just crack the code... he shatters it. He's all that... and a chip factory. He once knocked his own socks off. He knows Victoria's Secret. He is... well, actually a pretty boring Las Vegas-Floor Pi transplant who enjoys making outdated references, but he paid his membership fees so we have to say he's a member of ΧΛΜ.

Katie Sedlar

Bio: Originally from The Land of Infinite Corn, Katie now lives in a space void that sucks in all light. Katie is an active participant in a collective of assassins, and she enjoys writing training exercises for other assassins, giving the death penalty to those who tap others on the shoulder, and acting as a cog in a giant square machine. Last summer, she worked on a Borg cube near Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, where she learned a lot about getting bundles of wire to do her work for her. Katie joined Chi Lambda Mu in 2014.

Aisha Wang

Aisha enjoys talking in the third person and baking too many cookies. While not setting psets or her hair on fire, she enjoys flailing about while attempting to play vidjagames, taming giant squids, and memeing with her sisters. <3

Lawrence Wu

Bio: Half man, half computer. Despite allegations that he only listens to Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg, Lawrence is actually into all things music, including the ancient art of disc jockeying on the airwaves from the basement of MIT's Walker Memorial. Anything else involving combos (video games, popping, combinatorics, algorithms, etc.) probably also interests him. For some reason, fellow sisters like to assimilate Lawrence's jargon. l4wr3nc3 run5 th15 s1t3 l0l

Marcus Boorstin

Ethan DiNinno

Elaine Phillips